GorJusWhips  Exquisite. Nourishing. Visibly Revitalizing Results

From Head to Toe 


Gorjus Whips is  a green based company where we produce 100% natural body butters using Shea butter and oils that are sourced from the East and West regions of Africa. our luxurious and whipped body butter are solely handcraft with no additives and are packaged using 100% recycled glass to preserve our natural ingredients. We believe in product freshness and as a result manufacture in small batches to ensure the quality of our body butters and we ship our product directly to our customer. 

Our  Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves the best care for their skin and that comes from only natural products.  We say no to harsh chemicals,no to artificial perfume and no to colors that can disrupt the longevity and health of your skin. We use only natural and the purest possible moisture-enhanced ingredients, so you can trust all of our products to be kind to all skin types. We believe ALL skin is precious.

We Create With a Purpose

"Where Nature Meets Beauty"

  Our formulation has many great skin benefits. Our butter moisturizes, hydrates  and softens your skin and hair. GorjusWhisp Butters also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to assistant your skin to heal quicker.  Our butter helps to protect the skin from sun and wind burns.

It's a fantastic lighter for pigmented and uneven skin tone. It's water soluble, which means it does not clog pores. It's great for babies' delicate skin.  Additionally our butters soothes and speeds healing of cuts, scratches, and burns, and can reduce stretch marks, skin blemishes, and wrinkles. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It's an anti-aging cream, and enhances hair growth.  It also works as a deep conditioner for hair treatments. It softens calluses and cuticles as well as dry, cracked skin on heels and elbows. It speeds healing of sunburn and prevents stripping. It can be used all over the body, face, and hair. It also helps to reduce redness.