005 Blaq Butter

005 Blaq Butter

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 005 Is a rich, body butter with a whimsical and spicy, cypress and wood fragrance scent.  Men love this butter as a daily moisturizer. It's designed for dry skin, it's neat for all over face especially after that 5 o'clock shadow. Apply 005 beard oil.

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How To Use

No rocket science here; go ahead and use our 005 the same as you would a regular shaving cream head and face. However, our Silk Shave have a few additional perks because our 005 is blended with Shea Butter and Oils your skin will become more even toned, those dark razor bumps will become lighter and there is no irritation here.Also great for Men and women who love the bald look!


Shea butter,Kalahari oil. with basil, mint, wood, cypress