Extract II Masque

Extract II Masque


OurExtract II is a triple action exfoliation mask for the skin. A blend of antioxidants to balance your skin. Our exfoliator helps to protect your hide from the harsh environmental elements. 

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How to use:
Our custom formulated moisturizer was created to Hydrate, Moisturize and to Renew the Skin. Apply a small amount in mornings and night after cleansing skin this moisturizer is so rich yet it will dissolve into your skin without leaving any traces of oiliness to your skin. Men never apply alcohol to your beard area this will only dry your facial hair.


This blend maximizes premium quality ingredients to make a lovely new, non-greasy, smooth base. With Pumpkin Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Passionflower for great skin feel and moisturizing treatment, this formula will tickle your fancy.