Meet Jacque Elisabeth

 The Creator

The Creator

Gorjus Whips founder Jacqueline Elisabeth Elliott is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where she learned to help you to become who you want to be. Jacqueline is a professional esthetician with 17 years of experience; her passion for inner and outer beauty is who she is.  Jacqueline's dedication to skin care has allowed her to do what she does best:create, cultivate, and educate. Jacqueline has tried many products for the face, hair,and body throughout her career, only to find that though these products are packaged beautifully, they are filled with many chemicals and other harmful agents. Thus, Jacqueline's journey began.  She decided to create a product that is beautiful, luxurious, affordable, and healthy, yet 100 percent natural. She created Gorjus Whips Body Butter, a universal product in which nature meets beauty.

 After years of practice, Jacqueline has found that custom blending oils and butter yields the most elegant solutions for the skin.  She uses five different oils and shea butter that matches our own natural oil production; we decided to create our butter with these ingredients to feed and nurture the skin. Jacque always matches her meticulousness with curiosity. While searching around the globe for the best ingredients, she has studied various techniques and products that have helped her refine a singular and unique style during manufacturing.

 Jacqueline adds that our butters not only smell great; they are produced and designed according to the skin's texture, type, and condition.  Our butters can be used on most skin conditions; they are perfect for therapeutic or everyday use. These butters are rich in omega 3-6-9. That means that they offer deep hydration and moisture to the skin.

 Once she is ready to make a new product, Jacque treats the raw material as a second skin.  Completely opposed to an industrial approach, she develops her products as if they were a living organism. Jacqueline holds four aesthetics licenses: in Atlanta, Illinois, Tennessee, and the US VI. She is also a licensed Aesthetics professor here in Chicago, Illinois. Jacqueline says she is one woman with many talents: a mother, wife, businesswoman, and mentor. Jacqueline enjoys sharing knowledge as a licensed Aesthetics professor.