Are the body butter Oily?

  • No our butters are not oily we use oils that are rich in vitamins and very light in it's consistency.

Will the butter clog my pores?

  • No in fact we recommend that these butters be used daily due to it's formulation we have created an amazing product that hydrates,moisturizes and restore your skin back to it's healthy state.
  • Are your products all natural ?

Yes our products are 100% natural no animal testing no preservatives, fillers,solvents or colorants.

  • Will the Bronzes stain my clothes?

No our bronze's will never stain clothes only gives the skin a Sunkist glow.

  • Will the oils or butter clog my shower or tub?

No our oils and butters are water soluble meaning that it dissolves in water.

  • What is the main Ingredient?

Our main ingredients is a uniquely formulated Shea Butter.

  • What if I have nut allergies?

We recommend that you test our product first,being that some oils and butters are extracted from various nut trees. We offer testers at a small cost

  • Who can use the Butters?

Everyone. That's the beauty of our product theirs no restriction to age, gender or ethnicity; this is a universal product.

  • Can I use the butter in my hair?


  • Should I only use the butters during in the winter months?

No our butters are used year round!