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Extract  Exfoliant

Great skin care goes hand in hand. Let us introduce you to our new skin exfoliant for the face and neck. Extract.

This triple action scrub is designed to exfoliates, hydrate and decongest  your skin. This exfoliate is infused with blueberries and glycolic acid. Its gentle exfoliating action will leave your skin soft, silky and smooth.

Mpac Honey Masque




The power of honey! Our Mpac Manuka honey masque is full of anti-aging properties. Theirs’s no question that honey will lift, brighten,tighten and firm the skin.


Turmeric is our key ingredient it's the secret to aging skin. 



Honey's often thought of as a healthier sweetener, but you might be surprised to learn that this ingredient has tons of skin and hair benefits, too. Made with Manuka honey, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds. Next time you’re browsing the grocery store shelves, look for raw honey, which hasn't been heat-treated or pasteurized; it contains more antioxidants and enzymes for enhanced benefits. Great for Acne skin.

Create Your In Home Spa Naturally

 A daily skin care  routine is  essential cocoon your skin into our natural skincare product. We have created these products from natural ingredients that will enhance your skin and body needs.


 The Hueman Collection

An Undeniable Collection For Men.